Major Pent



  • Extra heavy duty adaptable pent roof shed
  • Heavy duty sawn framework
  • Thicker than the average tongue & groove shiplap, including roof and floor
  • 150mm taller than our standard pent shed height
  • Taller door with heavy duty galvanised hinges
  • Glass windows
  • Rim lock and handle as standard on single doors
  • Available in sizes not listed

Size Code: Estimate size in feet, for example 806 = approximately 8ft x 6ft.

Size FW x D x H: Front Width (long side) x Depth (sloping ends) x Height (top of the roof) in metres. Non-standard sizes are available.

Windows: Quantity of windows, depending on the position of the door. For example, a Major Pent 1006 style 3, there would be three windows in the Front Width, but in a Major Pent 1006 style 2, there would only be room for two windows in the Front Width, as the door takes the place of one of the windows.

Door W x H: Width x Height of the door in mm (millimetres). Please note, the door gap is slightly smaller than the door itself.

Floor Plan: Select by designated size from the table. These show the magnitude of the floor along with joins and direction of floor joists. Please note, that the direction of the floor joists can change so this must be checked before an order is placed if condemned.

Assembly Guides: Choose by size from the table, and please note that due to the number of sizes, models and modifications we offer, the assembly guide may not be 100% specified to your timber building, but should be provided with all the necessary principles.

Internal: Internal height at stunted point of the roof (sides)

Lock: This timber building comes as standard with a rim lock and two keys.

Roof cover: Supplied with high-quality polyester-based felt roofing.


Building Sizes
All sizes are an estimate and are based on the external measurements (unless stated contrarily) – they also do not encompass roof overhang. Please allow for any overhangs when choosing the size of your timber building, whilst also bearing in mind, the recommended space for installations and upkeep of your timber building. We advise you also check internal sizes when buying a timber building for a specific purpose, or any other sizes if critical. Planning permission may also be needed on some buildings depending on size and location, please check with your local council if unsure.