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The landscape of work has changed drastically over the last few years, with more and more people working from home or on their own terms. In the wake of a pandemic that has affected so many lives, it’s no wonder more and more people are finding working from home to be a permanent solution. After a while, you can no longer set up a workstation on your kitchen table. If you’re planning on working from home for the foreseeable future, consider investing in a proper office space that will optimise your productivity and comfort.

Less Noise

If you live with other people and have experienced working from home before, you probably know how difficult it can be to concentrate with lots of noise. When the work environment is not optimal, you can end up spending more time on tasks that don’t get completed. In a world where we are all increasingly distracted by our phones, it’s essential to create spaces that help you stay focused and reduce distractions. The timber shed office does just this – providing space for peace in your home while also boosting productivity at work. Not only will your calls with the boss be more convenient, but they’ll also go much smoother without that distracting background noise!

Natural Lighting

If you’re looking for a boost in the workplace, it might be time to take another look at your lighting situation. Lack of light and poor visibility in a room makes it difficult to work effectively. You’ll find yourself feeling more tired and irritable than usual as your body has trouble focusing on tasks due to the low lighting conditions. You can’t expect to work well in the same environment you sleep in! With the sun’s natural light streaming through your timber shed, you’ll be able to stay awake and answer those Monday morning emails without feeling like you’re about to drop off! The sunlight will help you feel happier and more productive during your working day with its vitamin D benefits. 

Natural light is a significant factor in how much you can reduce your utility costs, as it will help cut down on the amount of electricity used for artificial lighting. You will also save money on heating bills. The timber sheds at Outside Interests are a perfect place to escape the cold weather and feel warm all year long. By using our innovative glazing systems, you can avoid overheating in the summer and stay cool.

Personalised Environment

For most people, sleeping in the same place they work can be challenging. It can also be challenging to work where you eat or chill out after a long day. The benefits of building a custom office are endless. It can help you avoid burnout and help your mental health, but it also gives you room to spread out with individual workspaces for each part-time job or side hustle you have going on in your life! You can customise your environment to optimise productivity with a bespoke timber shed office from Outside Interests. With the help of our creative team, you’ll be able to create an intimate and comfortable space that is creatively stimulating in all sorts of ways! This will not only help you get more work done, but it’ll also give your life a healthier balance and reduce stress.

Visit Outside Interests to Help Your Productivity Soar 

When you invest in your productivity and mental health, it pays off. We offer excellent customer service at affordable prices for a good reason! You’ll be blown away by the stunning structures we have in store for you. Contact our expert team or come see us at our Barnham showroom for more information.

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