5 Innovative Design Ideas For Your Summerhouse

5 Innovative Design Ideas For Your Summerhouse

Getting a summerhouse is a big deal. 

Think about it. You have a whole new room in your house to escape, relax and get away from stress in the heart of nature.

Idyllic, right?

Of course, in order for it to be a calming haven for escape, it needs to be decorated perfectly

The design of your summerhouse could well be the difference between your dream cabin and just another room to clean. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of design options for you to choose from. 

Life's a Beach

What’s stopping you from bringing the seaside right into your home?

That’s right – nothing.

Why not transform your summer house into your own beach house, complete with bright colours and a sea theme?

This is the perfect way to escape reality and pretend you’re on holiday.

Colour Block It Out

If you’re looking to create a happy or creatively stimulating space, colour is the best way to go.

There’s nothing more fun than colour blocking. You can choose whatever colour palette you think best, whether that’s pastels, bright primary colours or even more neutral tones.

Make it Magical

There’s no better way to escape than to escape into fiction. 

Here at Outside Interests, we don’t believe in holding back. If you want to transform your summerhouse into a full-blown enchanted fairy cabin, go for it.

How better to relax after a long hard day than in the middle of a magical forest, surrounded by various enchanted creatures? Of course, you won’t actually be there, but you can pretend.

We recommend an abundance of fairy lights and greenery for the best effect. 

Blend In

You’re outside, after all. You may as well give your summerhouse a natural feel. 

Why not pair the decor with your garden by draping hanging plants down the side and adding plenty of plants to the interior?

This is an amazing way to connect with nature whilst staying nice and warm, protected from the elements. 

Go Literary

Let out your inner Matilda and make your summerhouse a little garden library. 

Your summerhouse is the perfect place to read, equipped with the calming sound of twittering birds, ambient rainfall and minimal distractions. 

You may as well keep it well-stocked with a collection of your favourite books and perhaps throw in a cosy bean bag or sofa. 

If you do opt for this choice, we would recommend making sure your books aren’t placed in direct sunlight to avoid any sun damage. 

Summerhouses With Style

Still not found that perfect idea you were looking for?

No worries. 

Luckily for you, there’s a whole team of summerhouse experts just a phone call away. 

If you have any questions about summerhouses, conservatories, orangeries or timber sheds, get in touch with our friendly team. They will be more than happy to offer advice and recommendations. 

Here’s Why YOU Should Grow Plants in Your Summer House

plants in summer house

Imagine having the perfect space that recharges your batteries, gives you the energy to take on life’s challenges head-on and reduces stress.

Sounds like paradise!

You’ll be able to make that dream a reality soon.

The popularity of summer houses has grown significantly in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re the perfect space to get away from it all, be creative or socialise with your friends and family.

If you have a summer house in your garden, now is the time to spruce it up. Whether you’re using your summer house as a workspace, a room to practice hobbies or a space for fresh air, adding greenery can make all the difference.

Enter: plants.

Make it Green!

Why not bring a little bit of nature inside your summer house?

Imagine the perfect home for your favourite houseplants—a space with ample sunlight, gentle breezes and large windows. You’re pretty much picturing a summer house, right? The natural light and warmth of the sun will make it difficult for your plants not to grow.

Your plants are not just for decoration, though. They can actually help you through natural healing properties.

Less Stress, More Happiness

Who could say no to a hobby that is both calming and therapeutic? What could be more relaxing than caring for plants?

Studies have shown that potting soil contains bacteria that reduce stress. If you want to be happier and less anxious, tend to the plants in your life. Gardening increases serotonin levels which will make you feel much better overall.

Let's Get Creative...

It’s not hard to see why garden offices are becoming more and more popular every year.

Productivity is important, and we all need a little boost from time to time. According to recent studies, plants can increase creativity and productivity levels by 15%.

How could you not want to improve your work in a natural, affordable and visually-pleasing way?

Breathe Easy

Indoor air pollution is no joke and can cause serious health problems. The risks of air pollution are numerous, from asthma to lung disease.

House plants are a great way to improve air quality because they can filter out all the bad stuff.

In addition, some plants can absorb water vapours through their leaves and effectively reduce the amount of humidity in a room.

How You Can Help

It is crucial for houseplants to be in the right conditions so they can survive and thrive. Being out in nature will play a big part in this, but there are a few other things you can do to help them out.

The insulation of your summer house will ensure that it remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Give your plants the love they deserve by paying attention to their individual needs, giving them plenty of water and trimming where necessary.

It is crucial for houseplants to be in the right conditions so they can survive and thrive. Being out in nature will play a big part in this, but there are a few other things you can do to help them out.


Great Products, Great Prices

Need help styling, designing, installing or building your summer house? We get it. It sure can seem complicated.

Pssst. Here’s the secret:

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

We have the most talented and passionate team around. Our experts are dedicated to helping customers find their perfect layout. We never take the customer’s needs lightly, which is why we strive to provide unparalleled service with a focus on functionality and adaptability.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer house, look no further! We have a wide variety of properties that are sure to meet your needs. If you want a close up look at some of our work, feel free to pop down to our Barnham showroom today.

Make Sure You Consider These 3 Things Before Building a Garden Office

Got all that covered? You're pretty much ready to get planning. The next step is getting in touch with the expert team at Outside Interests so they can start the building process. Got questions? Ring us on 01243 553 334 or pop into our Barnham showroom to see the amazing structures we have to offer.

Most people reading this will likely have had to work from home at some point over the past few years.

Home offices have become more and more of a necessity since the onset of the pandemic. Even now that the pandemic is mostly over, working from home has become the new norm for many people.

It’s not uncommon for working at home to cause difficulties. Whether it’s screaming children, noisy pets or family members, there will likely be some kind of distraction keeping you from getting work done.

The solution?

A garden office, of course!

Transform Your Timber Shed into a Functional Space

Timber sheds are pretty much the best of both worlds. Think about it – you’re close enough to the house that you can sneak into the kitchen for a snack every few hours, but not so close you have to put up with the noisy household.

You also have the benefit of being in the middle of the garden as you work, getting all the vitamin D you can whilst soaking up the green views.

As with any other kind of office, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you start planning and building. Keep reading for a handy guide to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

Power Up

The likelihood is that you work primarily from your laptop or computer, which means you will need an adequate power and electricity source in your garden office. You also need to consider the placing of your sockets and make sure they are placed in a practical spot.

We highly recommend hiring a professional for this job, as there are a lot of risks involved when it comes to electrics.

Style vs Functionality

Obviously, if you’re building an office, you want to create somewhere that makes you feel productive and creatively stimulating. That’s the best thing about having your own office; you can make it your own, personalising everything from the furniture to the flooring.

Don’t hesitate to make it yours. If you want to make it bright and colourful because that makes you feel good, go ahead. If you want more of a calm, soothing atmosphere, throw in some candles and get cosy. 

However, you also want to make sure you balance out the comfortable with the practical. Don’t make it so cosy that all you want to do there is sleep. At the end of the day, you’re there to get work done!

Don't Forget About Heat

You’ve probably heard people say that garden structures are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Nowadays, this doesn’t have to be the case; there’s plenty of modern technology that can make your timber shed a comfortable temperature no matter what’s going on outside.

The key to that balance is effective insulation.

Sound confusing? We’ve got you. The Outside Interests team are experts at building functional timber sheds and will always offer helpful advice about the best heating system for your needs.

We'll Take Care of It

Got all that covered? 

You’re pretty much ready to get planning. 

The next step is getting in touch with the expert team at Outside Interests so they can start the building process. Got questions? Ring us on 01243 553 334 or pop into our Barnham showroom to see the amazing structures we have to offer. 

Consider These Three Things Before Investing in a Conservatory


Conservatories can be an invaluable asset to your house if you use them in the right way. They can be an amazing space to relax and unwind after a long day as well as host guests and soak up the sun whilst protected from the wind. They are also a great way to extend your space and add a layer of functionality to your home. However, there are several things you need to consider before investing in a conservatory structure. We’ve compiled a list of all the things to think about when researching your conservatory.

Location is Key


This is arguably the most important thing you need to think about when it comes to your conservatory. Typically, you will find conservatories located towards the rear of the house, perhaps going into the back garden. While this is often the most suitable option so that you can make the most of your picturesque back garden, there’s no hard and fast rule saying it must be this way. In fact, it may be that your conservatory would be best suited to the front, or even the side, of your house. Remember to confer with your local council to check whether or not you require planning permission before going ahead with the building process.

Matchy Matchy

There’s not much point in having a stylish conservatory if it sticks out like a sore thumb. When designing your structure, you need to make sure that it looks cohesive with the rest of your architecture. Conservatories can come in a huge range of different styles, from Victorian and Georgian designs to more modern types.

Unsure about how to tie in the design seamlessly? Luckily for you, our team is full of experts in this particular regard. We are always more than happy to give your home a visit, where we will assess the design of your current architecture and advise on how best to match it to your conservatory design.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

As mentioned above, we want to make sure your conservatory serves as a functional space. This means it should be suitable for year-round use, come rain, snow or heatwave. Conservatories have somewhat of a reputation for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Thanks to modern technology, this problem is a thing of the past. It is highly beneficial to talk to your conservatory installer to see what they suggest in terms of heating and ventilation systems. It may serve you to consider insulating roof tiles to help you keep warm in the winter and perhaps blinds to keep out the heat in the midst of summer.

A Functional Space For You and the Family

The benefits of having a conservatory in your home are pretty much endless. If you find yourself wishing you had somewhere to escape from the chaos of the house, or perhaps you’d like somewhere to work on your hobbies, a stylish conservatory could be the perfect addition to your home. Get in touch with the team at Outside Interests for unparalleled service and immaculate designs and installation.

Upgrade Your Log Cabin With These Tips

Upgrade Your Log Cabin With These Tips

We’ve all been there. You invest in a stylish, practical space for your house, and over the years, it slowly dilapidates into a dumping ground storage space for everything you’re not entirely sure what to do with. All that money you put into upgrading your home has resulted in a gloomy place where no one ever really goes. Sound at all familiar? If it does, you could be in need of a space upgrade.

Using Your Log Cabin in the Right Way


When used properly, log cabins can be an amazing, comfortable, functional space to relax in your home. Being in the heart of nature allows you to escape from the chaos of the house and drink in the sun or get cosy with the sound of the rain on the roof. 

Sounds pretty inviting, right?

We think so, too. If you’re looking for the best way to upgrade your log cabin to make it the perfect space for respite, we’ve got your back. Check out our tips below for our personal recommendations for making the most of your log cabin.



Who needs to go to a crowded pub when you’ve got your own custom-made bar right in your back garden? 

Picture this: It’s summertime. The sun is still burning bright and warm in the sky, despite it being close to six o’clock. You fancy a break from the house, so you wander into the garden and pour yourself a refreshing glass of your favourite drink from your log cabin. You then spend a relaxing hour drinking up the last of the day and getting lost in a good book or magazine. 

If you’re anything like us, that sounds like an ideal scenario. 

A stylish, solid bar may be the perfect addition to your log cabin. An excellent accessory for relaxing on your own or with guests, a drinks bar will keep you satisfied and happy all year round.

Solar Energy

Unless you’re hoping to fully escape from the modern world in your log cabin, you will likely need some power installed so you can stay cosied up even when it’s dark, perhaps even doing a touch of meditation with some calming music. Of course, you can always use a regular electricity source, but it may be more beneficial and certainly more environmentally friendly to install a solar panel kit. These kits are relatively easy to come by and generally include a small solar panel, a power bank, a lamp switch and some LED bulbs. These will allow you to light up the room and even charge your phone whenever needed.  



It’s easy to assume that log cabins need to be all hardwood to match the trees outside. Who says you can’t add a little extra comfort and a pop of colour with a stylish rug? As well as adding a layer of sophistication to the room, your rug will also protect your hardwood floor, making the cabin more durable and less likely to need repairs in the future.

The Sweet Escape Away From Reality

Your dream cabin doesn’t have to be a dream for much longer. Get in touch with the team at Outside Interests to start the process of building your perfect log cabin. Stuck for ideas? Browse through our website to get some inspiration, or take a visit to our Barnham showroom to see the designs we have on display. Our team will be more than happy to help with any questions you have and give advice on how you should style your cabin.

Out of the Box Ideas for Your Timber Building

Out of the Box Ideas for Your Timber Building

You may have noticed a big rise in interior design content across social media over the past couple of years, particularly since the UK lockdown inspired many to redecorate their homes. On Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, thousands of people are providing advice and inspiration for home decor. Much of this inspiration is fairly different to what we might regularly see in catalogues and stores. We’ve collated a couple of our favourite design trends that would be perfect for your timber building.

Biophilic Timber Buildings


Biophilia is the ‘urge to affiliate with other forms of life’. The term was coined by American psychologist Edward O. Wilson in 1984 and has been studied since then as a possible explanation for humans’ love for not only their own kind, but also for animals and plants. He noticed that urbanisation had been negatively impacting people’s well being and sought to reverse it by encouraging interaction with the outside world. By connecting with nature, you can improve your well-being and reduce stress. You’ll also have access to an endless supply of creativity!

You’re probably wondering how this relates to timber buildings. The architecture of our structures provides an unparalleled environment in which to incorporate biophilic design. They are naturally biophilic, being in such close proximity to nature, with glass windows to let in the natural light and heat. As the sun streams in through your windows, you will be exposed to more vitamin D, which many people lack. Not only does a lack of sunlight lead to depression, but it could lead to other health problems as well.

You can also add plenty of plants to your timber building, improving the air quality through increased oxygen. Moreover, an array of plants will add colour to your structure. It has been scientifically proven that bright and bold colours can help to improve our moods.

Emotional Escape Rooms


One of the latest interior design trends is emotional escape rooms that give you a safe space to process your feelings. These interactive installations allow people an opportunity for self-care and mental wellness while also being totally enjoyable! The nature of your room will hugely vary from person to person. If you want to create a space that is calming and peaceful, look into incorporating soothing colours like blues or greens with some beanbags for seating. Incense can also help provide the perfect peaceful atmosphere. Some people get angry and need a place to release their anger, in which case they could create “rage rooms.” These might contain things to destroy or punching bags. Whatever your needs, we can make an escape room that is tailored to suit you and allow the release of those emotions in a healthy way.

Give Your Home the Upgrade It Deserves

The internet is a treasure trove of creative and clever ideas for your home. Here are just two of our favourites! Talk to the team at Outside Interests about how you could incorporate a stunning new timber building into your home. We’re always here for you. If there is anything we can do to make the process easier, just let us know! A better home could be just around the corner.

Three Benefits of Using Your Timber Shed as an Office

timber shed office

The landscape of work has changed drastically over the last few years, with more and more people working from home or on their own terms. In the wake of a pandemic that has affected so many lives, it’s no wonder more and more people are finding working from home to be a permanent solution. After a while, you can no longer set up a workstation on your kitchen table. If you’re planning on working from home for the foreseeable future, consider investing in a proper office space that will optimise your productivity and comfort.

Less Noise

If you live with other people and have experienced working from home before, you probably know how difficult it can be to concentrate with lots of noise. When the work environment is not optimal, you can end up spending more time on tasks that don’t get completed. In a world where we are all increasingly distracted by our phones, it’s essential to create spaces that help you stay focused and reduce distractions. The timber shed office does just this – providing space for peace in your home while also boosting productivity at work. Not only will your calls with the boss be more convenient, but they’ll also go much smoother without that distracting background noise!

Natural Lighting

If you’re looking for a boost in the workplace, it might be time to take another look at your lighting situation. Lack of light and poor visibility in a room makes it difficult to work effectively. You’ll find yourself feeling more tired and irritable than usual as your body has trouble focusing on tasks due to the low lighting conditions. You can’t expect to work well in the same environment you sleep in! With the sun’s natural light streaming through your timber shed, you’ll be able to stay awake and answer those Monday morning emails without feeling like you’re about to drop off! The sunlight will help you feel happier and more productive during your working day with its vitamin D benefits. 

Natural light is a significant factor in how much you can reduce your utility costs, as it will help cut down on the amount of electricity used for artificial lighting. You will also save money on heating bills. The timber sheds at Outside Interests are a perfect place to escape the cold weather and feel warm all year long. By using our innovative glazing systems, you can avoid overheating in the summer and stay cool.

Personalised Environment

For most people, sleeping in the same place they work can be challenging. It can also be challenging to work where you eat or chill out after a long day. The benefits of building a custom office are endless. It can help you avoid burnout and help your mental health, but it also gives you room to spread out with individual workspaces for each part-time job or side hustle you have going on in your life! You can customise your environment to optimise productivity with a bespoke timber shed office from Outside Interests. With the help of our creative team, you’ll be able to create an intimate and comfortable space that is creatively stimulating in all sorts of ways! This will not only help you get more work done, but it’ll also give your life a healthier balance and reduce stress.

Visit Outside Interests to Help Your Productivity Soar 

When you invest in your productivity and mental health, it pays off. We offer excellent customer service at affordable prices for a good reason! You’ll be blown away by the stunning structures we have in store for you. Contact our expert team or come see us at our Barnham showroom for more information.

When Should I Replace My Shed?


Nothing lasts forever, and as much as most sheds are built to be durable, it’s not uncommon for them to eventually start to deteriorate. Some shed issues can easily be fixed, whilst others can be incredibly costly to rectify, in which case replacing the structure may prove more financially viable for you.

A damaged shed can be disastrous for your garden. For starters, it will likely look unsightly, which will ruin your garden landscape and may be a source of stress to anyone who takes pride in the aesthetics of their garden. On a more practical level, any leaks may prove fatal for your garden furniture, and gaps in the wood could let in rats and other vermin.

Have you been assessing your shed and wondering whether or not it’s time for a refresh? If it’s something as simple as a ripped felt roof, you can easily get that fixed without investing in a new structure. However, certain signs indicate that a brand new shed would be the best course of action.

Leaks and Wood Warping

As mentioned above, leaks can be extremely damaging to any items you have stored in the shed and may cause rotting and mould over time. Whilst small areas of rot are relatively easy to remove, larger areas can damage the structural integrity of the shed. Although it is generally pretty easy to fix new leaks, those that keep cropping up again and again may be harder to seal over. It may be that the wood is damaged beyond repair, in which case a new shed is your best and cheapest option. 

Leaks aren’t the only problem to contend with when it comes to rain. Excessive moisture has the potential to warp timber over the course of time, which can put a lot of strain on the shed itself. It may be possible to manipulate the wood back into place in some cases. However, wherever the shed has become so misshaped that it is no longer functional, you may have to scrap it altogether and look into finding a new one.

Damaged Doors, Windows and Panels

In order for your shed to function properly without risk of damage to your storage, each element of the structure needs to remain intact and solid. Doors and windows should be easy to open and close to avoid leaks and damp patches. If there are any gaps around the openings, you may be able to fill them with sealant to fix the issue. However, larger gaps indicate more severe damage to the shed and may prove impossible to fix. In this case, we strongly recommend looking into a new shed altogether. 

Likewise, loose panels can wreak havoc on the health of your shed. Too many dislodged panels will affect the structure of the building, meaning the shed is no longer held together properly and is at risk of collapsing. If only one or two panels have become loose, try nailing them back into place before panicking. However, if the situation worsens, we advise getting a new shed to avoid damaging your garden and storage when it inevitably collapses.

Contact Outside Interests Before It’s Too Late

Then again, maybe you just need a new shed because you’ve outgrown your current one. There’s nothing worse than having to root through piles and stacks of storage to find that little garden tool you were looking for. Outside Interests offers bespoke sheds that will transform the way you do your gardening. For more details on our services, why not get in touch with the team today? They will be happy to advise you on the best option for you. Alternatively, come down to our Barnham showroom to have a browse of some of the sheds we have on offer.