Out of the Box Ideas for Your Timber Building

You may have noticed a big rise in interior design content across social media over the past couple of years, particularly since the UK lockdown inspired many to redecorate their homes. On Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, thousands of people are providing advice and inspiration for home decor. Much of this inspiration is fairly different to what we might regularly see in catalogues and stores. We’ve collated a couple of our favourite design trends that would be perfect for your timber building.

Biophilic Timber Buildings


Biophilia is the ‘urge to affiliate with other forms of life’. The term was coined by American psychologist Edward O. Wilson in 1984 and has been studied since then as a possible explanation for humans’ love for not only their own kind, but also for animals and plants. He noticed that urbanisation had been negatively impacting people’s well being and sought to reverse it by encouraging interaction with the outside world. By connecting with nature, you can improve your well-being and reduce stress. You’ll also have access to an endless supply of creativity!

You’re probably wondering how this relates to timber buildings. The architecture of our structures provides an unparalleled environment in which to incorporate biophilic design. They are naturally biophilic, being in such close proximity to nature, with glass windows to let in the natural light and heat. As the sun streams in through your windows, you will be exposed to more vitamin D, which many people lack. Not only does a lack of sunlight lead to depression, but it could lead to other health problems as well.

You can also add plenty of plants to your timber building, improving the air quality through increased oxygen. Moreover, an array of plants will add colour to your structure. It has been scientifically proven that bright and bold colours can help to improve our moods.

Emotional Escape Rooms


One of the latest interior design trends is emotional escape rooms that give you a safe space to process your feelings. These interactive installations allow people an opportunity for self-care and mental wellness while also being totally enjoyable! The nature of your room will hugely vary from person to person. If you want to create a space that is calming and peaceful, look into incorporating soothing colours like blues or greens with some beanbags for seating. Incense can also help provide the perfect peaceful atmosphere. Some people get angry and need a place to release their anger, in which case they could create “rage rooms.” These might contain things to destroy or punching bags. Whatever your needs, we can make an escape room that is tailored to suit you and allow the release of those emotions in a healthy way.

Give Your Home the Upgrade It Deserves

The internet is a treasure trove of creative and clever ideas for your home. Here are just two of our favourites! Talk to the team at Outside Interests about how you could incorporate a stunning new timber building into your home. We’re always here for you. If there is anything we can do to make the process easier, just let us know! A better home could be just around the corner.

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