Upgrade Your Log Cabin With These Tips

We’ve all been there. You invest in a stylish, practical space for your house, and over the years, it slowly dilapidates into a dumping ground storage space for everything you’re not entirely sure what to do with. All that money you put into upgrading your home has resulted in a gloomy place where no one ever really goes. Sound at all familiar? If it does, you could be in need of a space upgrade.

Using Your Log Cabin in the Right Way


When used properly, log cabins can be an amazing, comfortable, functional space to relax in your home. Being in the heart of nature allows you to escape from the chaos of the house and drink in the sun or get cosy with the sound of the rain on the roof. 

Sounds pretty inviting, right?

We think so, too. If you’re looking for the best way to upgrade your log cabin to make it the perfect space for respite, we’ve got your back. Check out our tips below for our personal recommendations for making the most of your log cabin.



Who needs to go to a crowded pub when you’ve got your own custom-made bar right in your back garden? 

Picture this: It’s summertime. The sun is still burning bright and warm in the sky, despite it being close to six o’clock. You fancy a break from the house, so you wander into the garden and pour yourself a refreshing glass of your favourite drink from your log cabin. You then spend a relaxing hour drinking up the last of the day and getting lost in a good book or magazine. 

If you’re anything like us, that sounds like an ideal scenario. 

A stylish, solid bar may be the perfect addition to your log cabin. An excellent accessory for relaxing on your own or with guests, a drinks bar will keep you satisfied and happy all year round.

Solar Energy

Unless you’re hoping to fully escape from the modern world in your log cabin, you will likely need some power installed so you can stay cosied up even when it’s dark, perhaps even doing a touch of meditation with some calming music. Of course, you can always use a regular electricity source, but it may be more beneficial and certainly more environmentally friendly to install a solar panel kit. These kits are relatively easy to come by and generally include a small solar panel, a power bank, a lamp switch and some LED bulbs. These will allow you to light up the room and even charge your phone whenever needed.  



It’s easy to assume that log cabins need to be all hardwood to match the trees outside. Who says you can’t add a little extra comfort and a pop of colour with a stylish rug? As well as adding a layer of sophistication to the room, your rug will also protect your hardwood floor, making the cabin more durable and less likely to need repairs in the future.

The Sweet Escape Away From Reality

Your dream cabin doesn’t have to be a dream for much longer. Get in touch with the team at Outside Interests to start the process of building your perfect log cabin. Stuck for ideas? Browse through our website to get some inspiration, or take a visit to our Barnham showroom to see the designs we have on display. Our team will be more than happy to help with any questions you have and give advice on how you should style your cabin.

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